How to make Cheese Enchilada


Cheese Enchilada Recipe

Cheese Enchilada Recipe

Try this amazing recipe. Remember that the enchilada sauce you use is very important to the success of your dish.
Cheese Enchilada Recipe Ingredients:

* 1 lb of mild cheddar cheese, grated
* corn tortillas
* vegetable oil
* 1/4-1/3 cup finely chopped yellow onion
* Enchilada sauce, heated
* sour cream, optional
* guacamole, optional

Cheese Enchilada Recipe Instructions:

Heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan on medium heat.You will need some tongs and a plate or tray to assemble your enchiladas.Using tongs, dip two corn tortillas at a time into the hot oil. When the tortillas start to bubble, lift and dip them into the oil 3 times fairly quickly.

The goal here is to make the tortillas soft and tender. If the tortillas are left in the oil too long they will get hard and be difficult to roll. If that happens just toss them out and start over.
The other option is to go ahead and keep cooking them in the oil until they become hard. These can be used as tostada shells if you like.
Back to dipping the tortillas 3 quick times in the oil. Once you do this, dip the tortillas into hot enchilada sauce to coat. Now put the tortillas on a plate to cool one minute or two.

Add a handfull of the grated cheddar cheese and sprinkle some onion down the center of one tortilla and roll it. Do this by grabbing one end of the tortilla and bringing it 3/4 of the way over to the other end. Tuck and roll the tortilla.

Pick up the cheese enchilada with your fore fingers on the botton where the seam is. Let your pinky fingers cover the ends of the enchilada to keep the cheese from falling out while you move it to an oven proof dish.With a little practice you will be a pro in no time at this.Using a ladle, pour hot enchilada sauce over the top of the cheese enchiladas and let plenty of sauce run down the sides. Remember, the sauce is what makes it! Sprinkle more cheddar cheese and onion on top in the desired amount. Now let taste this great cheese enchilada ....mmmm..!

"Hot is Better"

Fisr of all preheat the oven to 400 degrees and place your enchiladas in the oven. Heat the cheese enchiladas until they look somewhat flat and the sauce is bubbling. This will probably take 15 minutes or more. Remember, you want to make sure the cheese inside the enchilada is melted.....mmm nice !
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